Health 4 youth, health for me

Ferran Arruebo, socio de AEGEE-Barcelona, atendió al evento que organizó AEGEE-Maastricht junto al Health 4 Youth Interest Group hace unas semanas  y ha querido compartirlo con todos vosotros 🙂


Health4Youth Initiative was born not long ago in AEGEE, motivated basically by the evaluations participants made of Summer Universities and other events. It was found out that sometimes the meals were not very good, not fruits and vegetables and enough water supplied, lack of sleep in some events, and other things. So some AEGEEans took the initiative to try to make AEGEE events healthier. Last September in Maastricht a meeting organised in partnership with the Health4Youth Interest Group took place.
An approximately dozen participants from The Netherlands, Italy, Spain or Germany among others gathered to discuss Healthy Best Practices and possible improvements in the association in this beautiful and calm Dutch city. The Interest Group shared with everybody its findings and proposals in León and is planning to extend its actions. Until now interesting publications like Guidelines for Healthier Summer Universities have been distributed by the Group, which can be contacted for any information.

Health 4 Youth

The event in Maastricht did not only put stress on healthier meals and physical action (sports, moving, morning workout everyday and a dancing video promoting physical activity will be with great excitement released soon to all the network promoting physical activity and exercisers maybe shown in León or in the Agora in Chisinau). One of other stressed points which is of great importance and was found not often taken into account concerning youth is mental health, well being, and self-steem. Relaxation exercises, physical expression, debates and opinions exchanges contributed to create an environment which will have influence in the European youth.

Also, tourism, city guided tour (the government building where the important Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992, being the first European resolution where Health was mentioned), exchanging of healthy recipes, cooking, physical exercise and all the fun which implies an AEGEE event promise a future where in the network physical and mental health will be taken more into account.